Another October, another Partizan. 

This year saw the Battle of Stokesay Castle 1644 represented in our demo game.  In what was depicted as another lovely Shropshire morning, the battle grew in increments throughout the day as more and more fighters arrived from both directions. 

Those there for the spectacle had plenty to see.  Without looking hard you were unlikely to spot the various wildlife around the scene; the ducks, the owl, the piggies and the various locals going about their business. Attention to subtle detail was the order of the day with the watermill being a focus at one end of the table and the town at the other.  Centre stage however was the glorious Stokesay Castle, handbuilt by Keith Underhill after an afternoon's visit.  We were lucky to have such a majestic club to bring together all the various parts of the tableaux, with our enthusiastic team bringing the battle together on the day.

Winning the Best Demonstration Game trophy was the icing on the cake, for all those present had a great day.  Partizan is a wonderful show and we'll be glad to attend the next one with our next creation. 

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