Hi there, thanks for visiting.

We're Shrewsbury Wargames Society, a varied mob of wargamers.  We play just about all wargames genres and periods from the dawn of time to the 41st millennium and beyond. 

Our clubhouse in Shrewsbury is our pride and joy.  With over ten wargame-sized tables we play tiny battles every Monday and Friday night, with a weekend game thrown in every month.  Our terrain and scenery is second to none and we have a wide range of gaming mats for club use.

Our membership fee is very reasonable which might explain why we are one of the biggest clubs in the UK, with nearly 100 members.  Sometimes booking a table in advance is essential!

We accommodate a wide range of game types.  It's not unusual to find RPGs, board games and games with miniatures going on during a single night.  From SciFi and Fantasy, through Historical and What-If games and everything in between, all players are welcomed and if you visit you will most likely be invited to join a game.

In exhibitions and games around the country we're becoming quite well-known.  We're proud of the awards we've won as a lot of work goes into making these exquisite games happen.

Local clubs come to our tournaments and we have weekend games lasting one or two days.  There's always a social aspect, usually involving beer and a meal in town.

Why not come to see us?  You get four free visits to see if you think you'd enjoy our society.  We'd be very glad to meet you and we are sure you will enjoy gaming with us.  Use the links in the menu above to find us.  Club nights are Mondays and Friday from 19:00 onwards.  

Note: the gates may be locked when you arrive, so make sure that someone knows you are coming so we can let you in!