Some said it would never happen.  There were naysayers, doubters and those in denial but prepare yourselves for the INAUGURAL SWS 40k TOURNAMENT.
Sunday 6th August at SWS Club. Free to club members, £10 for non-members.
16yo+ please.16-18yo with written parental consent.
Details below the fold.
S.W.S 40k tournament 1500 points .
When will it be, Sunday 6th August at SWS club £10 entry fee 10am arrival .
What you will need, Your army, dice, tape measure, glue (just incase) rules, 2 copies of your list, .
Schedule for the day,
Arrival 10am
10:30 game 1
1 pm lunch (30min)
1:30pm game 2
4:10 game 3
6:40 -7 results announced and prizes given .
Tournament rules: Be kind have fun and crush your opponent All lists must be sent to me (Andy R) for checking no more than 7 days before the tournament
31st is the last day to enter (this won’t be strict but please try to)
Bring 2 copies of your list on the day to confirm the list you’ve sent 1 for me 1 for you to use
Rule of 3 no more than 3 of the same unit
You are expected to know your army rules
Index armies only
All FAQ and rules updates are to be applied right up to the date of the tournament .
Prizes for 1st 2nd 3rd place Most sporting Best painted .
Game 1 There is only war Table ends deployment 24 inch from bored edge 6 primary objectives 1 in the centre of the deployment zone 4 in no man’s land 12 inch from deployment zone and long table edge these are worth 1 point and scored from turn 2 onwards at the end of command phase Secondary objective
If you have more objectives than your opponent at the end of the battle round score, an additional 2 points .
Game 2 Crush kill destroy Quarters deployment split the bored in to quarters then make a 9inch bubble from the centre of the bored 1 primary Objective at the centre of the board in no man’s land this is worth 3 points scored at the end of the battle round turn 1 onwards Secondary objective 1 point for each unit destroyed scored as happens
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