DO NOT PARK at the front of the club where it might impede access to the barn doors as they are in use 24/7.  Use the space by the front door just for loading and unloading.

We can use all the spaces shown below (they are ours).  ON NO ACCOUNT can we use 1, 2, 3, 4.

16 might be available after the normal working day but it is NOT ours.

In 20-22, park in a herringbone so we can get more cars in (it could fit 5 cars we suspect).

We are allowed to park to the left of the trellis as you go between the building BUT do not park against the back wall.  The company that own this space is a courier company and they need 24/7 access to park their vans, so make sure there is room for them to manoeuvre.  Fill this space only after all other spaces are filled.

DO NOT park anywhere else on the site as there are residents here.  Anywhere past building E2 is strictly VERBOTEN even the bit by the office that looks like a car park.  It's not ours.

If you park in the wrong space you will be asked to move.  Don't feel that this is personal, we all get it wrong sometimes.  Adapt and survive.

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