Necromunda at the club last Friday vs Matt's Esthers.
Scenario: "smash and grab". Needing credits to continue their righteous work throughout the underhive, the righteous brothers undertook the guarding of various loot caskets belonging to local Guilders. After all, faith is all well and good, but it doesn't feed a gang or keep them in weapons/ammo. The redemptionists set about directing their efforts at/attempting to flame the chem thrower and death maiden, both of which were making a flanking manoeuvre, and became a bit fixated on them . They must have been wearing something to antagonise the cawdors beliefs- maybe their clothing wasn't modest enough. The fire pike make a good start, bringing flame to the deserted market stalls and downing the chem thrower. Knowing the devestation that gas weapons can inflict in confined spaces, I'd played the tactics card "click" to cause the chem thrower to run out of ammo. Things started to come of the rails, however, when the eviscerator charged and missed his attacks. The fixation on the death maiden and chem thrower (which I later realised was subject to scarce so couldn't be reloaded lol) enabled the unscathed escher to pick off the redemptionists with their simple but effective lasguns. A couple of redemptionists down and the cawdors bottled, leaving the escher to clean up the loot. Thanks for the game and look forward to some more necromunda in a few weeks.
(Pictures to follow)
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