Bloodbowl at the club last Monday (22nd).

The jolly green giants vs Duncs new Khemri Team. Orcs v Undead was always going to be a war of attrition, with 2 bashy teams, and this was no exception. The orcs kicked off but fluffed the kick causing it to land in their half, and a touchback being awarded to the undead. A grinding war of attrition ensued, with neither side able to initially break the deadlock and 0-0 at the half - Khemri made an inroad into the orcs half, but this was shutdown by stoic goblin defending. The 2nd half was an equally grinding/attritional affair, though the orcs started to box up and form an attack. This offensive effort was hamstrung, however, when a black orc failed a go for it, only to fall again on the reroll. The black orcs misfortune gave the undead an opportunity to break through, with a touch down in the very last turn of the 2nd half- last dice roll with 2 go for its and no re rolls lead to it coming down to the wire. Result= 1-0 to the undead .All in all a fun game, which gave me a headache from overthinking lol . Thanks  

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